Types of Carpet Cleaning in Moorestown, NJ



Carpet cleaning is a type of cleaning service that assists in removing dirt and stains from carpets and keeping them in a good and perfect condition. There are different methods that are used in professional carpet cleaning depending on the type of carpet and the stains or dirt contained in the carpet. Some methods include; This type of carpet cleaning employs the use of hot water which is highly pressured to stir the carpet fiber and break down the dirt contained in the carpet. A cleaning substance is applied on the stain and after it dissolves the stain, the carpet is scrapped with a cleaning device to rinse it and then left to dry.


Carpet shampooing is mainly used to clean carpets that have many stains and dirt. It involves applying a special solution on the carpet and then worked on by an air compressor which dissolves and lifts stains from the carpet. This involves the use of detergents that react to form powder like crystals when it dries. The stains on the carpet fibre are confined into powder as the foam dries and then blushed off. This method uses less water when cleaning and thus the carpet requires less time to dry. This type of cleaning uses a machine with a spinning pad that is motorized and submerged in a cleaning solution to suck dirt from the carpet surface. It is mainly used to clean carpets in public places that need to dry quickly as it uses less moisture.


It’s considered to be the most effective method of Carpet Cleaning in Moorestown, NJ and is very convenient. A cleaning agent is applied to the bottom of the carpet using a brush machine that rotates and opens up the fibre which results in a deep cleaning result. This involves the cleaning of the fabric on furniture, pillows and cushions. It’s more of a restorative cleaning type that helps in fabric protection and is the safest method to clean furniture without any damages.