Top Questions to Ask a Moorestown, NJ Carpet Cleaner


If you are thinking of cleaning your carpet yourself or have the sense to use a professional Moorestown, NJ carpet cleaner, there are often questions you may think of asking.

Here are some of the more common questions individuals ask the professional carpet cleaners when they arrive at their home.


How Fast Do Carpets Take to Dry After Professional Cleaning?

Carpets can take between eight and twenty-four hours to dry out completely.  If it is damp outside, it may take much longer.  You can use fans to help speed up the drying process by moving the air and helping to pull the moisture away.  Opening windows to create crosswinds can also help on hot days.

Professional carpet cleaners in Moorestown, NJ, use equipment that leaves carpets in the driest possible conditions. This can reduce drying time and overnight is often sufficient.


Can I walk on Cleaned Carpets Immediately?

As long as you don't wear shoes, you can walk on cleaned carpets almost immediately after a professional carpet cleaner has done their job.  

Any heavy foot traffic should divert away from cleaned carpets until properly dry, or you can find divots or footprints.

Flat-bottomed slippers or light booties are the best options to cross just cleaned carpets, yet you do need to take caution when stepping from a cleaned carpet to tile or wood.  The stain protection liquids can leave the bottom of your feet slippery.


What Should I Do Before Professional Moorestown NJ Carpet Cleaners Arrive?

Generally, you should pick up loose objects from the floor.  Games, books, and remotes should be stowed away before the carpet cleaners arrive. Any furniture you can move away from your carpet should; this allows carpet cleaners to reach every possible inch without moving anything.

Vacuuming just before cleaning is always helpful, although you can contact the Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services to find out how far you need to vacuum. 


What if My Carpet Has Bubbles After Cleaning

Your carpet may have ripples or bubbles after cleaning. You find this occurs in carpets that were not stretched correctly when fitted. They go back when the carpet dries, so there is no need to worry

In the same manner, your carpets should not shrink because they are being cleaned. A professional carpet cleaner will advise what you may see, and they will do all they can to avoid it.


How Do I Find the Best Moorestown, NJ Carpet Cleaning Firm?

Once you begin looking for a local carpet cleaning company, you can also see there are many more questions to ask.

However, once you have the best carpet cleaners in the area taking care of your carpet, all your questions are answered by actions and a healthy and clean carpet as a result.

To find the best service, contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services, and you can see you have the best and most health-conscious carpet cleaning company taking care of your home.