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Most people agree on the importance of the first impression.  So what are the first things you notice when you first see a building with large hard floors? It is the condition of this area. Are they clean or are they dirty?   Here you can see how your local Moorestown, NJ carpet-cleaning firm can also cater to hard flooring in some circumstances to maintain appearances.

It doesn’t matter if you have a home or business; hard floors can tell a person your property is clean and organized. High-quality floor cleaning is something important to every property for looks and protecting investment. Here you can find more about caring for hard flooring from your friendly professional Moorestown carpet cleaning company.


Strip and Wax Revives Flooring

Many say strip and wax is the foundation service for waxable floor types like your VCT flooring, and you can see this in homes and businesses.

When you see shining floors, it sets an impression. The Majestic Carpet Cleaning process begins with the application of chemicals to strip worn or faded wax from your flooring.  After sitting for a while, the operators use their machines to scrub the floors.

Doing this will cut through the finish and sealers. After removing the residue, the professional floor cleaner ventilates the area before applying floor finish stripper and will scrape all excess residue. They then mop with clean water before the time of the wax application.

They will apply new floor wax using a multi-coat procedure. Coat 1 will be laid and dry before they apply another coat. They repeat the steps until the desired amount of wax is on the VCT flooring. At least three layers of wax are used for medium to heavy foot traffic areas such as kitchens or business entrances.


Burnishing from a Pro Carpet Cleaner Adds Sparkle

You can find much more for maintaining shiny floors than stripping and waxing alone. Burnishing helps bring out the maximum shine from your hard floors. It does this by deep scrubbing with removing a partial amount of the top layer of applied wax. 

Using proper burnishing equipment like pad coarseness, and the right rpm settings, the best results can be achieved. While strip and wax make your floors beautiful, burnishing helps to maintain the appearance.

An experienced floor cleaning company will clean your area to remove dust or dirt that may scratch the surface.

Some locations benefit from regular burnishing:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Office Building Entrances and dining areas


Floor Scrubbing for Large Areas in Moorestown, NJ

Floor scrubbing uses a floor scrubber to maintain larger spaces.  It cleans hard floors with special cleaning agents and a rotating scrubbing pad. To be sure, there is no water to cause mold; the machines come with industrial-strength vacuum suction to leave floors dry in one pass.

A local Moorestown carpet-cleaning professional because of the damage you may cause best undertakes all these methods. You will also find the best results possible when you contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services, and they can help maintain cleanliness in your home or your business.

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