Stopping Viruses Before Calling Blackwood, NJ Cleaning Pros

As influenza and viruses still spread, more and more folks are looking for ways to disinfect their living homes. You should always wash your hands carefully and avoid close contact with the sick.

However, there is also something you can do to thoroughly clean and disinfect your home.

Read on to see what you can do before waiting for the professional Blackwood, NJ carpet cleaners to come and sanitize your home.


Be Sure to Clean Before Disinfection

Cleaning refers to the removal of germs from surfaces. Disinfection refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

Both of these measures reduce the risk of the spread of infection, but first you have to clean and then disinfect them. Remember to read the label on the disinfectants. Some of them require you to stay wet between two and ten minutes.

Check tables, door handles, switches, and toilets for a start. Before disinfecting dirty surfaces, make sure you clean them with warm soapy water.

Use alcohol or disinfectants that contain at least 70% alcohol and never use products, which have expired. Use as hot water as possible for cleaning and then leave them to dry completely.

Wear gloves and make sure there is sufficient ventilation, and discard them when you have finished using them. Finally, make sure you scrub your hands after removing your gloves.


Clean and Disinfect Your Carpet

Your carpets function as a strainer for bacteria and harmful substances. We recommend that professionals clean and disinfect your carpets. However, when professional carpet cleaning operations cannot get to your home, you can do something yourself.

You can use a household steam cleaner with white vinegar as a natural disinfectant. Pour some white vinegar into an old aerosol bottle to use and squirt it over your carpets. Let it sit and use a steam cleaner. To get the best service, and cleanest carpet possible, contact your local Blackwood, NJ, Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services.

Your home will be clean and your carpets will not be holding any virus or bacteria that can lead to infection.