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You probably haven't been gentle with your carpet regarding food and drink spills. But, since spills are inevitable, you should always have a method for removing debris from your carpet.

Coffee, juice, ketchup, pet dander and stains, red wines, and makeup are some of the most common substances that can stain carpets.

Makeup spills on the carpet are more common than you might think, so you can learn how to clean them here.

You can still see the stain after cleaning it yourself, so you'll eventually have to call in a Moorestown, New Jersey, expert specializing in carpet stain removal.

Before you call the best Moorestown carpet cleaning professional, learn more about reducing potential damage by reading this article.


Tips and Tricks from Moorestown, NJ Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Like other products that can stain carpets, makeup becomes more challenging to remove the longer it sits there.

Quick action is required to remove any traces of powdered cosmetics, such as eye shadow, dust, or blush, from the carpet in the event of an accident. Make-up can permanently stain carpet fibers if left to set in for a long time, but prompt removal can prevent this.

The second advice from the pros is to use a soft bristle brush to scrub the powdered makeup from the floor. Scrubbing it in too much could push the dirt further into the fibers, making removal more of a challenge.


Expert Advice for Cleaning Makeup Off of Carpets

Skilled carpet cleaners in Moorestown, NJ, are conversant with the appropriate approaches to carpet stain removal. Below are DIY steps professionals are recommending:

Do a test in the area before cleaning it.

Powdered makeup on the carpet can be easily cleaned up if the proper procedures are followed. Most dust can be removed with a gentle vacuum, but stained fibers must be treated wetly.

No matter what method you use to clean the carpet, testing, a small hidden area is essential to ensure it doesn't fade or get ruined. So before you start cleaning, make sure this is done.

Put Through a Soft Vacuum

Makeup dust can be easily removed by gently sucking it up with a nozzle fitting on your vacuum and then going over the area with the vacuum. In many cases, dust can be removed entirely by vacuuming. However, keep an eye on the dusty site as you vacuum to ensure the powder doesn't get spread around the carpet.

Cut down on the amount of water and soap you use

If you want to get rid of the tiny bits of dirt your vacuum cleaner missed, use soap and water afterward. Instead of using commercial carpet stain removers or bleach, use some soap and water.

To remove stains, mix a small amount of mild liquid soap with water in a container, wet and squeeze a cloth or sponge, and gently scrub the area. One of the essential pieces of advice from your carpet cleaner in Moorestown, NJ, is to avoid over-saturating the carpet, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Use Make-up Remover

Powder makeup can be removed from the carpet with a simple liquid makeup remover. Applying a few drops on a cloth to clean the affected area.


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The aforementioned steps can be taken, but be warned that they may worsen matters. In addition, if you do decide to remove it, the rest of the carpet might look dirty in contrast to the spot where you removed it.

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