Not All Stains Are Alike. Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Experts

Not All Stains Are Alike. Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Experts

As a professional carpet cleaning company, Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services attempts to remove every stain that may fall into your home. Not every stain can be removed, regardless of the cleaning times or the chemicals employed.

A persistent stain will remain on the carpet if the stain is not treated immediately. Since our consumers don’t realize this, we believe that education is vital to prevent having unrealistic expectations for cleaning outcomes.

You will learn about carpet stains that can either not be removed at all or only be removed with immediate attention, as well as your best chance of success using Blackwood carpet cleaning experts.


Stains That Cannot Be Removed

Important: Always read and abide by the cleaning guidelines and any cautions the carpet maker offers.

Specific colors and natural fibers in rugs and carpets may require specific care. Ask a Blackwood carpet cleaning professional for guidance and help if in doubt.

If not treated swiftly, the following substances can leave stains on your carpet that cannot be removed easily. However, Majestic is among the best cleaners in the region, so you’ll have nothing to lose.


  • Toilet bowl cleaners with acid
  • Acne treatment
  • Drain cleaners containing alkali
  • Bleaches
  • Hair dye
  • Iodine
  • Liquid plant nutrients
  • Some pet urine stains


Because nylon possesses dye spots that absorb color similarly to human hair, certain chemicals will change the color and fiber of the carpet.

Along with colored synthetic fibers, carpet is also made of plastic, which may be physically affected by nasty chemicals and materials like plastic water bottles. To determine whether your stains can be removed, or bonded insert services are required, call a Blackwood carpet cleaning professional from Majestic before you think about cutting out a square and replacing it.


Not All Stains Are Alike. Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Experts

Benefits of Professional Stain Removal With Majestic

Calling a professional Blackwood carpet cleaner right away is your most excellent option for saving your carpet before attempting to call the stain using one of the many do-it-yourself techniques you can discover online.

Some DIY methods could cause even more harm to your carpet, causing its removal when a professional with the right chemicals and cleaning methods could have cleaned it effectively.

A bonded insert or total replacement is far more expensive than carpet cleaning services! Please be aware that calling a professional rather than attempting to remove stains will save you money eventually because we see this scenario play out frequently.


Get Help Remove Stubborn Stains With a Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Expert

To stop stains and soiling in the future, your carpet should also be treated with a carpet protector after cleaning. Professional cleaning from Majestic extends the life of your carpet and serves preventative reasons besides improving the appearance and smell of your carpet.

To be sure you are using the right carpet cleaning professionals in Blackwood, NJ, you can contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services directly or fill in the quick form here for a fast response.

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