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The two most typical pet stains on the carpet are pee and vomit, so here are some pointers from Majestic, the top-rated Marlton Voorhees carpet cleaning company, on removing these. All animal breeds are capable of having accidents indoors. If you clean up pee while it’s still wet, the odor won’t penetrate the carpet fibers once it dries.

The most important thing to remember about pet vomit is your carpet needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. If not, the acid in the vomit will stain the surface. Your Marlton Voorhees carpet cleaning specialists have put together some advice so you can handle the situation quickly until you call for professional help.


Essential Tips For Removing Pet Stains From Your Carpet

Do you have pet stains on your carpet? Then review the suggestions below! These pet stain removal techniques work on most carpet textures and patterns.

Finding out which cleaning products are safe to use on the specific carpet fibers in your home from the manufacturer is helpful, though. To prevent pets from sniffing them and returning to the same place to soil them again, you must also be careful to remove any odors left behind.


Remove most mess first:

Before commencing any cleanup, you need to remove away as much of the pet’s mess as you can. For instance, fresh pee can be absorbed by paper towels. However, because the urine gets absorbed into the carpet’s padding and base, you must exert pressure to extract as much urine as possible before it is almost completely dry.

It is advised to swiftly scrape up most solid wastes, like vomit and feces, while wearing gloves and using a tool. After that, remove any remaining stain by wiping it away with a moist paper towel to stop it from spreading.


Don’t rub or use heat:

The quickest way to spread stains is by forcefully rubbing. Instead, blot the liquid out by working your way inside out from the outside using paper towels or absorbent rags.

Depending on the mess’s type, size, and quantity, you may need more than one paper towel. Since heat can permanently embed the stain and odor into the carpet fibers, urine stains shouldn’t be cleaned with hot water or steam cleaners. Use only lukewarm water instead.


Use cleaning products carefully, and rinse well.

Using the least amount of cleaning product feasible, even the most revolting stains can be eliminated. Apply the least amount of cleaner you can for each stain removal to prevent leaving too much residue on your carpet.

Don’t forget to give everything a thorough rinse when you’ve finished cleaning up the mess! Any cleaning agent residue is removed upon rinsing. Next, apply a light mist of cool water to the stain and dab the area until all moisture has been removed, leaving water streaks behind.

Majestic’s Marlton Voorhees carpet cleaning specialists leave carpets and furniture nearly dry and stain-free to reduce the likelihood of mold or mildew growing.


Marlton Voorhees Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Remove Pet Stains With Majestic: Marlton Voorhees Carpet Cleaning Professionals  

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