Is Your Cherry Hill, NJ, Carpet as Clean as You Think?


Your carpets do quite a few different things.  They will soften your rooms, make them cozier, warmer, and may even make them look bigger.

However, for your carpet to function for you, it begins with having a clean carpet. Even if your wall-to-wall carpet appears new and fresh, deep down, you ought to disinfect it properly to do the job for which it is intended.

Carpet works as a magnet and collects allergens and pet hair in carpet fibers.  If your carpet looks clean, you may still need a Cherry Hill, NJ carpet cleaner.

Read on to find out why you need extra help.


What secrets is my Cherry Hill, NJ Carpet Hiding?


Many homeowners elect beige or cream-colored carpets to lighten a room. While light carpets do little to hide stains from coffee, wine, blood, or anything else that is dark in color, they are perfect for protecting the following.

  • Food: When you eat in a room, which is carpeted, the truth is there are food particles in the threads. Sometimes they are more visible than others are, yet none of them are good for the life of your carpet.
  • Skin: All humans are shedding millions of skin cells all the time. If you think fingernails and toenails are bad enough, think of all the microscopic things, and you can’t see them.
  • Bacteria: Do you walk on your carpets wearing your shoes? Do you stroll around in bare feet? No matter what sticks to your feet, even if you wear your shoes or not has the chance of sticking in your carpet.

It is this reason carpets are breeding grounds for bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and many others.

Many more things can be hiding, and if you are one of these individuals who suffer, then you may find yourself being ill for no apparent reason.


Cleaning Your Carpet or Get the Cherry Hill, NJ Professionals

You can clean as much as you want with a vacuum cleaner, or you may have a deep clean carpet cleaner. However, this can make the condition of your carpet worse.

Carpets left in damp conditions can turn moldy, and this is a health hazard. To be sure, your carpet is cleaned as deep as possible; you are better enlisting the help of professional carpet cleaners like Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services.

They can eradicate all the germs and bacteria, and make sure your carpet is as dry as possible. You can then walk barefoot with no worries about anything sticking to your feet.