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Almost certainly, your carpet has been stained by food and drinks before. Because accidents happen, you should always be ready to clean anything on your carpet.

Most carpets get stained by coffee, juice, ketchup, cat fur and stains, red wines, and make-up.

You can learn more about cleaning make-up off your carpet here because it happens more often than you might think. However, even if you clean a stain yourself, you can still see it, so at some point, you'll need to hire a professional carpet stain remover in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Read up on how to limit the damage before you hire the best Haddonfield carpet cleaning company to help you.


Tips and Tricks for Haddonfield, NJ Carpet Cleaning

Like other things that can stain carpets, make-up gets harder to get out of the carpet the longer it stays there.

You should clean the carpet immediately if you get eye make-up, dust, or blush. If you don't clean up make-up immediately, it can get deep into the carpet and stain the fibers.

Another pro tip says to brush powdered make-up off the carpet carefully. If you rub it too hard, it might get deeper into the fibers and be harder to get out.


Haddonfield Expert Carpet Explains How To Remove Make-up

Skilled carpet cleaners in Haddonfield, NJ, know how to remove carpets' stains correctly. Pros recommend the following do-it-yourself steps:


Test An Area Before Cleaning

Powdered make-up can be easily removed from your carpet if you follow the steps correctly. Most dust can be removed with a gentle vacuum, but fibers that have changed color need to be treated with water.

No matter how the carpet is cleaned, it should be checked in a small area to ensure it doesn't change color or get damaged. But, again, make sure you do this before you start cleaning.


Vacuum Gently

If your vacuum has a nozzle attachment, you can use it to pick up dust from your make-up before gently vacuuming the area. Most of the dust, if not all, can be cleaned up by vacuuming. Watch the vacuuming in the dusty area to keep the powder from spreading to other parts of the carpet.


Don't Use Too Much Soap and Water

Use a soap and water solution to eliminate any dust your vacuum cleaner might have missed. Do not use commercial carpet stain removers or bleach. Instead, use soap and water.

Mix mild liquid soap and water in a container. Wet and squeeze a cloth or sponge, then gently clean the dirty area. One of the most important carpet cleaning tips from your Haddonfield, NJ, carpet cleaner is not to soak the carpet too much, as this can lead to mold and mildew.


Use Make-up Remover Carefully

Powder make-up can be removed from the carpet with a simple liquid make-up remover. Then, a few drops on a cloth can be used to clean the hurt area.


Expert Haddonfield Carpet Cleaners

Use Expert Haddonfield Carpet Cleaners To Remove Make-up

You can try the above steps, but they can quickly worsen things. For example, if you take it out, you might have a clean spot on the carpet while the rest looks dirty.

It's best to hire a professional carpet cleaner in your area. To be sure you have the best carpet cleaning company, you need to Contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services.

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