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Keeping your home dust free is essential. Dust does not only degrade the quality of your surroundings but can also cause dust allergy. You can keep your home clean and dust free by following the tips below. Installing an air purifier ensures that the air inside a room is kept clean. The dust in the air is filtered giving the interiors of the room a freshness. Dirty air filters should be changed at the quickest to prevent an increase in dust levels. The number of objects that are more prone to gathering dust should be kept the minimum. Such objects if there in your home, should be taken care to daily.


Owning a vacuum cleaner is of great help. Vacuuming your home regularly, like every two days reduces the amount of dust tremendously. For a vacuum cleaner to be efficient in removing dust, the filter must be kept clean and the machine in proper working condition. Carpets tend to get very dusty. Traffic over a carpet makes the air dusty. It is wise to clean a carpet fortnightly or vacuum it every week to keep your home dust free. Blankets, especially heavy blankets, need similar attention. They should be aired regularly. Curtains made of heavy, quilted or thick fabric can be also vacuum cleaned to make them free of dust. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Haddonfield, NJ can help here.


Dust your home every day or every alternate day. It prevents the accumulation of dust and keeps your home clean. You can use a duster to wipe off the dust from bigger objects. For flat surfaces and corners, microfiber cloths are better to wipe off the dust. Dusters should be shaken outside before storing so they do not become the carrier of dust particles. Same way, microfiber cloths should be washed after cleaning to ensure a proper dusting next time around. Cleaning and keep your home dust free becomes more comfortable with smarter planning of your housekeeping skills. Like plastic blinds do not gather dust into themselves like heavy cloth curtains and can be easily dusted. Keeping clutter away, closets and cabinets organized and less fabric and textile covers keep house dust free. Proper usage of doormats also prevents accumulation and entry of dust inside. Call our Carpet Cleaning in Haddonfield, NJ today.