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How to get rid of dog pee from carpet? Act as soon as you notice your pet urinating on the carpet. The faster you can clean the urine, the less time there is for the set-in stains and foul smells. There are also times when you come across previous messes or stains that have already dried.

Even using the steps here, you will find out it is advisable to use a Blackwood carpet cleaner before dry rot ruins your carpet.


Blackwood Carpet Cleaner for New Pet Carpet Stains

You won't be able to call your Blackwood carpet cleaner as soon as your puppy does its business, so with new stains, follow the steps here to minimize the impact.

First, soak up as much of the urine as possible for pet stains that are still wet. Cover the damp region with a thick layer of paper towels, then cover with newspapers or an old absorbent towel. For about a minute, put your weight on this padding. Repeat until only a smidgen of moisture remains in the area. Blot dry the area after rinsing it with cool, clean water.

Set Stains: When your pet has an accident, you won't always be there. When stains have set, you will need to get rid of them. You can rent a carpet cleaner, yet these are not as effective as a professional Blackwood carpet cleaner. Even sprinkling a pet odor neutralizer only masks odors in many cases.

Old Stains: It can be challenging to discover old urine spills that have dried. You'll have to get down and sniff out the soiled area if you notice a whiff of odor in the air. Follow the steps for removing set-in stains after marking the dirty area.

DIY Stain Removal Still leads to Blackwood Carpet Cleaner

You have options, yet you'll find out they still leave you with a patchy carpet. Even if you get rid of the stain, you can find the smell comes after a while and lingers.


Store-Bought Carpet Stain Removers

You can get pet urine stain removers, yet you need to be sure you check the label, and it is safe for pets. Start cleaning by blotting as much of the stain as you can. Apply the stain remover to the soiled area based on the label. Rinse and blot dry. If you apply too much, you can leave a sticky residue that will attract more dirt.


Homemade Stain Removal Solutions

Making a carpet cleaning solution can help in the short term, although you can either damage your carpet or end up with patches all over and still need a Blackwood carpet cleaning professional.

Baking soda and vinegar can be used. Spray white vinegar on your stain, and then sprinkle baking soda on top. Cover with a towel and leave for a couple of days. Once dry, vacuum the dried baking soda and rinse with cool water before you blot dry.

Mild dish-washing detergent can be used and put in a spray bottle. Mix a quarter teaspoon of dish-washing detergent and warm water. Apply and then blot dry.



Clean Pet Stains the Right Way with Blackwood Carpet Cleaners

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