Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions. Haddonfield Carpet Cleaning

For carpet cleaning, there an enormous number of misconceptions. For example, what is the best cleaning procedure or how to maintain your carpet looking great?

You don’t want to waste time doing things that aren’t necessary, nor do you want to waste money on ineffective cleaning procedures. Let Majestic expert carpet cleaners help in dispelling your carpet cleaning myths so you can clean your carpets successfully and avoid long-term harm.


Cleaning Methods Don’t Matter

“It doesn’t matter how you clean your carpet as long as it gets clean.” While this may be true in other circumstances, it is not true with carpeting.

You can clean your carpet every day and not notice any wear and tear, but if you employ the wrong procedures or equipment that isn’t well maintained, your carpet may suffer.

The Bonnet Carpet Cleaning method, for example, is widespread. This method was created for hard flooring and uses a high-speed pad drenched in a carpet cleaning solution to clean it. This does nothing for carpeting other than grinding the fibers and disperse dust and grime rather than cleaning it.

It’s critical to thoroughly clean your carpeting with steam or water extraction and strong suction.


Steam Cleaning Ruins Carpets?

When cleaning your carpet with water or steam, you don’t have to be concerned about mildew growing in your carpeting. This is because steam cleaning uses hot steam instead of water and is usually done by a professional.

With a hired cleaner, you may still undertake steam cleaning on your own. If you do this, you must know all the dangers, such as lingering in one location for too long and over-saturating the carpeting.

It’s probably preferable to hire carpet cleaning professionals in Haddonfield that know how to operate the equipment to keep your carpet looking excellent.

However, it’s essential to allow your carpet to dry completely after steam cleaning to avoid mildew or other issues.


Stop Odors with Carpet Deodorant or Baking Soda

You could think that you can get rid of the smell in your carpet and maintain it clean without vacuuming by using a carpet deodorant or baking soda. However, keep in mind that this is only a temporary remedy. If you use these too often, they can become lodged in the carpet fibers and will be impossible to remove.

These will not last indefinitely. They may conceal odors, but if your carpet has a smell, you’ll need to get rid of the cause of the smell to notice a difference.


Only Call Carpet Cleaning Pros When It’s Dirty

You might wait until your carpeting becomes visibly dirty before cleaning it. Unfortunately, it will be too late by this time. Because of how much dirt gets lodged up in the fibers, waiting to clean your carpet until it looks dirty and neglecting regular vacuuming will only limit its lifespan.

Protect your carpeting to extend its life and remember that just because it doesn’t appear dirty doesn’t mean it’s clean. Vacuum regularly to remove dirt, pollen particles, and clean the quality of your air.


Where Is My Haddonfield Carpet Cleaning Expert?

Majestic is armed with all kinds of carpets’ deep knowledge and experience as seasoned carpet cleaning experts. We know all the best ways to clean your carpet in the best way possible, without causing damage.

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