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When choosing a carpet cleaning firm for your home or business, it's essential to understand the many types of carpet cleaning methods used by different companies, as not all of them will work for your carpet.

Marlton Voorhees carpet cleaning professionals use a variety of carpet cleaning methods.


Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: 

Hot water extraction, often known as steam carpet cleaning, employs high-pressure heated water to shake the carpet fibers and dissolve impurities.

Using a cleaning solution on a contaminated surface, agitation of the carpet with a brush and washing are all frequent steps in cleaning hot water extraction.

Following the Marlton Voorhees carpet cleaning, the carpet will be "washed" by carpet cleaning equipment to thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution before drying. Most businesses recommend carpet cleaning in the late evening so that the carpet may dry overnight and business can resume the next day.


Carpet Shampooing: 

Shampoo carpet cleaning was typical until the 1970s, when encapsulation technology was invented.

While shampooing may appear to clean a heavily filthy carpet, it has certain drawbacks, including a large amount of wet foam residue left behind and a long drying period.

Because no washing is done after shampooing, the carpet becomes sticky when it dries, and the quick re-soiling of the carpet makes this procedure less apparent than others.



Foam encapsulation employs synthetic cleansers that dry into a powder. When the cleaning foam dries, the powdered dirt from carpet fibers can be vacuumed or brushed.

Foam encapsulation has surpassed carpet shampooing. Foam encapsulation cleaning is preferred by those who want less chemical residue than carpet shampooing. Unfortunately, this procedure can't clean highly soiled carpets because of technological constraints.


Bonnet Cleaning:

This is great for surface cleaning. The procedure involves washing the top part of the carpet fiber with a motorized machine and a cleaning solution-soaked spinning pad.

Bonneting is common in hotels because it cleans high-traffic carpets quickly. However, because bonneting doesn't clean the carpet deeply, filth returns quickly. As the hefty machine presses on the spinning pad, it forces used chemicals and dirt into the carpet.


Dry Carpet Cleaning:

Dry carpet cleaning, or compound washing, is one of the newest cleaning technologies on the market. It's popular for its cleaning performance and comfort, as it doesn't require drying time.

Many doubt the effectiveness of this new technique compared to regular wet carpet cleaning procedures that have been used for decades. The feature is using cleaning powder on the carpet's bottom.

Biodegradable cleaning ingredients work like micro-sponges to hold dissolved dirt in the carpet and remove it effectively.


Expert Marlton Voorhees Carpet Cleaning

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