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After carpet cleaning, it's common to desire to keep the fresh carpets. While you can't expect them to stay completely clean forever, there are a few things you can do to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Depending on daily foot movement, carpets' freshness varies. Even if you take good care of your carpets, foot traffic will wear them down faster. Keep your carpets clean after a Blackwood carpet cleaning professional has been to your home.


Let The Carpets Dry Without People Around

After cleaning your carpets, let them dry before allowing people or dogs back in the room. Walking on the freshly cleaned carpet while drying can damage the fibers and extend dry time, so block off the room until the carpet is dry.

Carpets dry best in warm air, so do your when doing this task. Turn off the AC and open the window to let in warm air if it's warm. Turn the heat on if it's cold and use fans for air circulation. Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services leave carpets in a near dry condition, so you won’t need to do all this.


Routinely Vacuum

Regular vacuuming helps carpets live longer. Vacuuming won't remove all dirt and debris, but it will keep your carpets cleaner for longer.

By vacuuming once or twice a week, you'll prevent dust, debris, and allergies from building up and extending your carpet's life.


Keep Shoes Off The Carpet

Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet. Dirt from shoes can quickly build up in carpet fibers. Having guests, youngsters, and family members remove their shoes before stepping on your carpet will increase its lifespan and freshness.


Don't Rub Stains And Spills

When something spills on your carpet, your first response is probably to clean it up. While cleaning up stains and spills quickly is essential, never scrape your carpet. Rubbing can embed fibers and stain carpet.

Blot stains to remove them. First, use a dry rag to absorb extra liquid and blot your cleaning solution. Blotting will remove more carpet stains without damaging the fibers.


Blackwood Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Get Help With Blackwood Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Hire our professional carpet cleaners to keep carpet freshness at least twice a year. Professional cleaning isn't a onetime job; it's continual maintenance.

Deep cleaning removes dirt, dust, and filth from carpet fibers. Let us renew your carpet with industrial equipment and cleaning products.

You may keep your carpets fresh longer by doing basic carpet care and making your everyday routines. Even if you can't get thoroughly clean or ensure, no one walks on your carpets with shoes on, letting them dry after professional cleaning and vacuuming often will keep them fresh.

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