Can My Local Cherry Hill, NJ Carpet Cleaner Groom Carpet?


Aside from helping pedestrian traffic flow throughout your daily life, you may have seen some tough spots on your carpet that require more cleaning than conventional over-the-counter products can deliver.

For years, the carpet in your home may have taken real hits.

Perhaps it's time to seek professional carpet cleaning services in Cherry Hill, NJ, that deal with troublesome issues like carpet maintenance. Learn how this can help extend the life and appearance of your carpet.


What is Grooming a Carpet?

Carpet grooming is the technique a carpet cleaning professional uses special rakes or carpet brushes for moving the carpet fibers around. Afterwards, the fibers are returned to their original state.

Although this seems to be a relatively straightforward process, it needs to be done correctly to ensure that your carpet benefits from it.

When pushing a rake or brush all around your carpet, there must be adequate pressure to release the dirt or activate the cleaning products.

Keep in mind it is also essential to be conscious of the difference between when to use a carpet rake and when to use the brush most effectively. A carpet brush is most suitable for carpets with low pile height.

However, carpet rakes are longer and have fewer bristles, making them more suitable for carpets with longer piles.


When Pro Carpet Cleaners in Cherry Hill, NJ Should Do Carpet Grooming?

There are several different examples where this movement of the carpet fibers is necessary and beneficial.

For example, a carpet cleaning contractor might use a carpet care product during the work on your carpet to loosen stubborn stains or to allow a cleaning solution to soak in and begin working.

Alternatively, carpet care may be used following cleaning to assist drying. No matter what the situation, carpet conditioning can benefit your carpet in several ways.


Benefits of Professional Cleaning and Carpet Grooming

Just like professional carpet cleaning, grooming can help prolong the life of a carpet while giving it a refreshingly lively appearance.

Daily foot traffic may cause the carpet fibers to matt and, over time, can cause unsightly bumps and noticeable signs of wear and tear.

With regular carpet conditioning, these bumps and movements can be retarded or even eliminated, helping the carpet maintain its fresh look and feel.

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