Blackwood Carpet Cleaning. Steam or Shampooing to Kill Germs

Blackwood Carpet Cleaning. Steam or Shampooing to Kill Germs

Your carpet is an essential aspect of your home—and one of the most difficult to clean. Those strands collect dirt, dust, pet dander, and viruses, but germs cannot be vacuumed away, unlike dirt or pet hair.

Both steam cleaning and shampooing can help clean your home, but which is better for eradicating viruses? Find out from your local Blackwood carpet cleaning experts.


Steam Cleaning With Blackwood Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction, or better known as steam cleaning, cleans carpets using steam, as the name implies.

Hot water is sprayed over your carpeting, and as the hot water lifts the stains and the dirt, this and the cleaning solution are sucked by powerful vacuums.

This is a cleaning process that only a specialist can do. Because the water must be pressured, the heat and pressure work together to remove dirt from your carpet.


How to Shampoo Carpets With Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Experts

Carpet shampooing is comparable. It uses hot, high-pressure water to clean your carpets, but it also uses carpet shampoo.

Carpet shampoo is commonly a foam cleaning solution, although it depends on the professional you work with. A cleaning machine scrubbed the shampoo into your carpet before being rinsed off with hot water by a professional. Then, they use a strong vacuum to extract the water from your carpeting.


Best Treatment To Deal With germs and Viruses?

Both procedures will clean your carpet, but even if your carpet seems clean, the genuine concern is if viruses and germs are still present in the carpet fibers. With COVID, influenza, and the common cold, you want to make sure everything is clean.


Cleaning Using Steam

To clean and disinfect your carpets, steam cleaners are recommended. In addition, various health agencies advocate steam cleaning carpets to remove bacteria and allergens.

This method cleans deeply because hot water eliminates bacteria, allergies, parasites, and germs in your carpet. This includes pet urine stains. It's also eco-friendly and doesn't require much drying time afterward.


Vacuuming and Shampooing

Shampooing, which also employs hot water, will still clean deeply. That means it will still cleanse and deodorize your carpet. But unfortunately, steam cleaning can't quite get some stains out.

The main issue with this procedure is that it uses more water than isn't instantly removed. This means you'll have to wait longer for it to dry. In addition, there may be more residue in the carpets during the months, allowing germs to grow more quickly.


Blackwood Carpet Cleaning. Steam or Shampooing to Kill Germs

Where To Get The Best Carpet Cleaning in Blackwood To Kill Germs

Finally, to eliminate viruses and germs, utilize steam cleaning, which injects hot, pressurized water into the carpet without wetting it.

Consider steam cleaning to get your carpets clean and virus-free. While steam cleaning and shampooing will clean your carpet, we recommend hot water extraction to sterilize and dry it thoroughly.

So, when you want the best and most affordable services in the region, contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services. We can help you recover cleanliness on any carpet.

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