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It might be difficult to keep your carpet clean if you have a dog or cat. Your carpet can be chewed up by pets, leaving stains. They may also leave hair behind, which can accumulate on your carpet.

Fortunately, Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services is here to tell you that keeping your carpet clean does not keep you from giving up your pet. Here are a few tips that any pet owner can use to keep their carpet looking new in between cleanings by a professional carpet cleaner in Blackwood, NJ.


Stain Resistant Carpet

A great alternative is stain resistant carpet. If you're replacing the carpet, stain-resistant carpet is typically more durable and lasts longer. Fibers in stain-resistant carpets provide a protective aspect. A Blackwood professional carpet cleaner should also apply a protector after they deep clean your carpet.

If your carpet is a few years old, you should have it protected using soil and stain repellent. This leaves a protective shield on your carpet that needs to be reapplied.

Reapplying the covering after each cleaning maintains the fibers structured and prevents new stains from damaging your carpet. A carpet cleaning professional should always do this to ensure every fiber is treated appropriately.


Clean Pet Urine with a Blackwood Carpet Cleaner

For carpet maintenance, pet urine is one of the most vexing problems to deal with. It's preferable to catch urine stains on your carpet as soon as possible.

When you first discover a spot, blot it with several paper towels or a cloth. Then blot again with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Repeat as required once it dries. This enables you to draw up pet urine as you wait for your local carpet cleaning firm.


Vacuum Regularly Between Carpet Cleaning

Even if your pet doesn't shed much, dander will get into your carpet. Dander can weigh down and sink into your carpet. To avoid this, vacuum frequently. High pile carpet requires a vacuum for high pile carpet to ensure all dirt and dander.

Then, every other time you move furniture, vacuum your carpet thoroughly. This will help extend the carpet's life by eliminating particles that damage the fibers when walked on.

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Steam Clean Regularly with Blackwood Carpet Cleaning Experts

Steam cleaning your carpets regularly helps disinfect and deodorize them and remove dander, hair, and pet saliva from them. Also, eliminating contaminants that can break down carpet fibers helps prolong carpet life.

The best option is to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Portable carpet cleaners should be avoided if truck-mounted equipment is available because of property access.

If you have pets, you can take precautions to care for your carpet. Maintaining your carpet reflects the cleanliness of your home and your pride in it.

A clean carpet shows guests you care about your home and makes you, your family, and your pets take better.

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