Avoid Allergies with Blackwood, NJ Carpet Cleaning


For a wide range of people, allergies can cause genuine problems and symptoms can comprise sore throats, itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, skin problems, and fatigue.

People are unique, and a common trigger may cause a minor reaction for one person, but could lead to a more severe reaction and even potentially life-threatening complications for another.  

However, common allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, or even mold can all live in a carpet. Then how do you wipe them out? 

Here you can find out the best ways your local Blackwood, NJ carpet cleaning firm will do it. 


Regular Vacuuming isn’t as Effective as a Pro Blackwood, NJ Carpet Cleaner

An American study conducted by the Woolcock Institute for Medical Research concluded that, on average, after about one year of regular use and wear, a typical carpet has significant amounts of allergens, which are often deeply embedded in the carpet.

The problem is that most non-industrialized carpet vacuum cleaners only shift the distribution of allergens instead of obliterating them. While rotary brush vacuum cleaners removed most allergens, they still found allergens being present in about 97% of the analyzed carpets.  


Can I Use Steam Cleaners? 

You may have seen a commercial on the latest steam cleaner. However, while they may be suitable for surfaces like tile or laminate floors, a steam cleaner you can purchase can be useful in removing dirt and dust from carpets on the surface.

However, it won’t wipe out the stubborn allergens sitting deep in your carpet.

If you are serious about making sure your carpet not only looks clean but also is safe you will want to have it professionally cleaned using hot water extraction cleaning by your Blackwood, NJ carpet-cleaning professional.


Hot Water Extraction by Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

When using a hot water extraction method, a first pre-spray is sprayed onto the carpet to break up any dirt and soiling that may be found deep within the pile.

They then force a hot cleaning solution under high pressure into the carpet. They shoot the solution at temperatures just under the boiling point, where it will suspend, gather, and kill any contaminants, which are rooted in the carpet fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning firms in Blackwood, NJ use high-performance commercial vacuum cleaner eliminates all allergens, while leaving practically no residue. Last, mighty air movers help speed up the drying process. The resulting carpet is free of allergens and dirt and can look and feel like new.

Where to Find Blackwood, NJ Professional Carpet Cleaning Firms

Daily pedestrian traffic can lead to matting of carpet fibers, which aid in burying the allergens. With regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, you can remove any dents and remove all the stubborn allergens and bacteria.

To make sure you have the best carpet cleaning company in Blackwood, NJ grooming your carpet, be sure to contact Majestic Carpet Cleaning Services to restore your carpets to a healthy state.

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